Chetna Sabharwal

Chetna Sabharwal


Working for 25+ years at the carrefour of education, psychology, mathematics, and career guidance, the final call so far comes into all-encompassing ‘social entrepreneurship’. As a convinced believer of “multipotentialities”, she mentors her clients across all ages to reach their optimum potential through life coaching, assessments, study paths, therapy sessions, and skill development. Conferred with various awards like ‘111 power women’ award 2021 by Lead India Foundation for socialentrepreneurship, Under-50 Business Leader Award 2021 by Business Mint in Skills Augmentation Category, and ‘Top 25 Mentors of India’ by Think CIQ, she contributes as an international speaker. Her overseas travel for educational assignments to countries has widened her horizon in global education. Appointed as #global juror in 2019 from India for sustainable development goals across the country, her aim is to mobilize the available resources and infrastructure for better education and career transitions

03:30 - 04:00
connecTED Talk

Hyper Personalisation in the Disruptive World of Higher Education

The ability to transform will be the critical one for all educational institutions to cultivate, so they can shape and respond to a changing world of education. This session will discuss the future path of skilling right, with inter-disciplinary approaches to innovation for schools, universities and workplace. The key take aways for the attendees will be: 1. Strategies to cater to the disruptive world 2. Bridging the skill gaps with new ideas to recruitment strategies 3. Equipping the schools and universities representatives with the hybrid model of innovation centres