Julie Frieswyk

Julie Frieswyk

Assistant Director, Horn Youth

Julie is entrepreneurial social impact program director, helping organizations innovate ways to leverage technology, research, expertise and partnerships to achieve impact goals. After studying international business in college and working for a few years in the corporate world, Frieswyk put it to the test when she enlisted in the Peace Corps, where she was assigned to the Eastern European country of Moldova. There, she worked with a nonprofit, training women for success in the next phase of life. Business incubators were a hot topic at the time, and partnering with another Peace Corps volunteer, Frieswyk conducted feasibility studies, ultimately connecting with the University of Delaware. There, she helped launch a youth entrepreneurship competition, which later evolved into UD’s prestigious Diamond Challenge, run through Horn Entrepreneurship. Held annually, the Diamond Challenge today attracts 5,000 student applicants from around the globe annually.

13:00 - 14:00

Global Entrepreneurship Competition Helps Students Stand Out

Are your students uncertain about the future? The Diamond Challenge is an experience that provides high school students the clarity needed to identify passions and purpose. Since 2013, the program has engaged more than 20,000 students from 55 countries and 32 states. Students that compete in this world's top-rated high school entrepreneurship competition learn how to turn ideas into action, pitch, network with a global community, and demonstrate college readiness, free of charge. Best of all, students have the opportunity to win prizes from a $100,000 prize pool to fund ideas or higher education scholarships! In this session you'll meet the co-creator and manager of the competition who will share their insights on student success and stories of inspiration.