Lori Smith-Watson

Lori Smith-Watson

Assistant Director for International Admission

Lori Smith-Watson is a veteran admissions representative who has spent her career at a dynamic institution recognized as an "up-and-coming", "most innovative" public research University. Having served in a variety of roles as a coordinator, manager and liaison, she finds herself most committed to the recruitment, admission and enrollment of international students. She is in the unique and fortunate position to both influence decision-making at her university in regards to serving students coming from overseas and to directly serve students, families, and counselors as we connect student with the next pathway in their educational journey.

11:00 - 11:30
connecTED Talk

Standardized Tests: Optional really means optional-how we're reviewing applicants without the SAT

A look inside the application and scholarship review process in the absence of the SAT and an insight into the holistic review process. The presenter will dispel a few myths, talk about vital parts of the application, including transcripts, leaving exam/board scores (if/when available) AND the student's essay and counselor's recommendation.