Richard Evans

Richard Evans

International Student Recruitment Manager

Richard Evans (Royal Veterinary College, University of London) has delivered this session multiple times at several international conferences, including four International ACAC workshop sessions. For 10 years, he has sat directly on the RVC's MMI panel, assessing students suitably for their veterinary medicine program me.

12:00 - 13:00

Sitting the Multi Mini Interview (MMI)! Help your students prepare for the MMI- By trying out the interview yourself!

Following feedback received by counsellors around the world and at previous conferences, this session, representatives from UK Medical and Vet programs will focus on detailed introduction and explanation of the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) component of applying to many global Med, Vet & Dentistry programs. Along with hearing about the MMI from the university perspective, this interactive session will get colleagues to try out different interview stations. Audience interaction, and information shared by the panel, this session will give counsellors & University Reps (who advise on PG programmes) a better understanding of the MMI and what students experience. Overall, this session will give counsellors the tools to effectively explain the role of the MMI to their students and will allow them to help prepare their students for this very important (but often less understood) part of the med and vet application process."