Arian Kotsi

Arian Kotsi

Director of US/Canada College Counseling and Special Programs at Anatolia College

Arian Kotsi has worked since 2015 in college counseling at Anatolia Colellege, a private non profit educational institution in Northern Greece and before that as the Director of International Programs at the American College of Thesslaniki (2008-2015). Before that she had a long career as a freelance filmmaker, producer, director and teacher. Most of her work has revolved around education, presenting and directing plays, workshops for educators and students, translating books on acting, writing and translating scripts and plays etc. She also worked as the Director of Educational Programs for the Inernational Film Festival of Greece (2006-2008), Founder and Co-Director of Entropia Film and Theatre School in Thessaloniki (1999-2006), taught theater classes at the Thessaloniki YMCA (2008-2016), founded and ran achildren't theater (2004-2006) and worked for Greek National TV, ground produced for CNN and Channel 4 projects.

22:00 - 22:30
connecTED Talk

CANCELED: Finding Ways to Supplement Opportunities For Your Students.

In Spring 2021, when our school was in prolonged lockdown, the fact that most extacurricular activities were cancelled, we were worried about students not being able to work on developing their interests and strenthening their resumes. So, our college counseling office stepped in to fill the gap for 8th, 9th and 10th graders by offering 5 innovative workshops on areas we felt that students would be interested in developing skills, such as leadership, diversity, entrepreneurship & inovation, communications & media. The presenter shares the opportunities and challenges of developing and executing these workshops.